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Ready to take back your life and manage your ADHD?

As an ADHD Coach and Executive Function Specialist, I help my clients learn practical skills and strategies that fit their unique aptitudes and personal attributes. My approach is rooted in the Neurobiology of ADHD partnered with the Science of Behavior Change. My practice serves students and adults at every level with a specialization in intellectually capable but ADHD and Executive Function challenged students in High School, College, Graduate School, and Medical School, along with adults facing career and relationship challenges.

In particular, I have a specialization in working with clients who have co-existing conditions of Procrastination. Anxiety, OCD, and Depression. I understand the intricate interplay of these conditions and provide targeted interventions to address them effectively.

Moreover, I offer advocacy services for parents and individuals in educational and workplace settings, ensuring that their needs are understood and accommodated appropriately.

 If you are reading this and worried you cannot change, please know that I can help you narrow the gap between your intentions and your behaviors using proven ADHD Coaching interventions. I am a skilled listener and integrator of client needs.   I can help you create new Operating Instructions to help you live a life in alignment with your core values and objectives.

Ready to learn a new way of managing your ADHD?