ADHD Coach Jane

ADHD Coaching Services

ADHD Coach Jane offers tailored coaching services for students across various academic disciplines, including medical, dental, law, nursing, and graduate schools, as well as undergraduates at institutions such as Princeton University, Rutgers, and NYU. The coaching focuses on overcoming ADHD-related challenges, such as procrastination, anxiety, and internet addiction, and supports students in writing theses and managing coursework in demanding fields like computer science and engineering. Jane also assists students in balancing their academic responsibilities with personal well-being, helping them thrive in rigorous academic environments.

For professionals in the tech industry and other sectors, ADHD Coach Jane provides targeted coaching to address workplace issues related to ADHD, such as chronic lateness, email overwhelm, and internet addiction. The coaching aims to develop personalized strategies for improving executive function, time management, and productivity, enabling adults with ADHD to excel in their careers. Jane’s approach is grounded in behavior change science and focuses on aligning clients’ actions with their core values and professional goals.

In addition to academic and professional coaching, Jane offers support for ADHD adults dealing with everyday challenges, including managing household responsibilities and personal relationships. The coaching emphasizes building resilience and self-advocacy, helping clients navigate life with greater confidence and effectiveness. Through one-on-one sessions and evidence-based techniques, Jane empowers individuals with ADHD to lead more fulfilling and balanced lives.

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