ADHD Coach Jane

Summer Program for High School and College Students

In addition to school-year support for students, I also offer a specialized summer program. This comprehensive initiative spans four weeks and encompasses the “learning how to learn“ curriculum.

Our initial meeting will focus on discussing your background, followed by a PowerPoint presentation explaining the Neurobiology of ADHD. We’ll then explore tailored strategies for behavior modification, intervention, and ongoing support to facilitate your journey toward success, translating your intentions into tangible actions.

Through personalized sessions conducted via Zoom screen sharing, students learn essential time management techniques, effective note-taking and study skills, and more. Our weekly interactions provide a platform for students to demonstrate their progress and reinforce newfound knowledge, fostering the development of successful study habits.

Together, we dismantle barriers, such as procrastination and passive learning, paving the way for enhanced academic performance while improving Executive Function skills.

Ready to learn a new way of managing your ADHD?